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Basic Benefits of Mental Maths

In recent times, definitions of mental maths vary, with some referring to it as memorizing the timetable, remembering part or whole solutions to mathematical problems or simple, mental mathematic calculations. There are a number of benefits attributed to practicing mental mathematics, one of them being that it is a perfect form of mental exercise. It is a well known fact that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, something attested by the fact that idleness brings about laziness. Once you practice engaging in mental mathematics on a regular basis, your brain ends up being alert.

Another great benefit associated with mental maths is the fact that it sharpens your memory. When asked to give the product of 2×3 you will quickly conclude that it is six. From your own observation, that is something you need not waste much time calculating since it is very simple. Unknown to you is that you never worked to get the answer, but it is in your mind ever since you were a kid because of memorizing the multiplication table. That is a simple example of some of the things you have memorized. With such ability, you can easily memorize lots of information.

You have most probably heard of the maxim that in this world only the fittest shall survive and this leads to adaptation to accomplish a lot in minimal time. Though not in direct relation to that, mental maths is such that it helps you get quick solutions to situations as they arise. Bearing in mind that you can be able to perform both simple and complex arithmetic mentally puts you in a position where you can easily come up with split second decisions or even solutions to situations.

It also goes without saying that those who engage in mental maths are usually better placed to develop a liking for mathematics in general. It is a well known fact that most people would want nothing to do with mathematics once they are through with school. It is also however a proven fact that those who engage in mental arithmetic from a tender age are better placed to develop a strong liking for the subject and end up pursuing it to the end. Children who are great performers when it comes to mental maths also show great strength in other areas as well. This is a clear indication that it aids in general development besides also reducing stress levels.

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