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How to Excel at Mental Maths

Mathematics is a subject from which many shy away. It is interesting though to note that those who perform well at it find it easy. This is because they employ certain tactics, knowingly or unknowingly, that make maths easy. Knowing these tactics will help you improve your general mathematics skills and your speed in doing mental maths.


    This is one of the oldest methods used in mathematics. It would involve learning addition, multiplication and even division tables by rote. It is successful to the extent that it gives all students a solid foundation in making simple calculations.

    It is also on this method that many of the other techniques are founded. Some children also discover patterns from it and use them to form their own shortcuts.


      This is a method used in some schools in early years’ classes. It focuses on the use of visual aids to perform simple calculations. Over time, the aid used gets ingrained in the brains of users.

      The Abacus itself is a wooden frame with wires joined to its ends. On these wires, there are beads used to represent numbers. The use of it motivates the brain to ‘construct’ a similar tool of its own and use it for rapid mental maths calculations.

      General Rules

        This is one of the most effective methods and it relies on establishing patterns and using them to generate quick results. Its main advantage is that one can establish his own rules and use them. It is easier however to follow the ones available both online and in texts.

        They start with very simple facts for young students but also contain secrets to bigger math problems.


          This method has its origin in India and is by far the most convenient. This is because learning high speed Vedic maths will enable one to do all sorts of calculations, basic and advanced, mentally.

          It contains 16 formulae that should not be difficult to master for the average student. It offers a holistic approach to mental maths that can help in fighting the phobia many students have towards the subject.

          The secret to excellence in mental maths therefore, is to learn one or two of these simple methods and use them in everyday calculations. This will help you master them and will serve to improve both the speed and accuracy with which you perform mathematical calculations.

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