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Math Tricks for Kids

Many people refer to math as a difficult subject. However, this can be made more fun and easy using math tricks. These are also referred to as math strategies by some teachers. This helps the kids to be interested in the subject so that they can perform better. It also helps them to gain and practice math skills. Kids love the tricks, as they are a fun way to learn the subject without too much effort. Some of the tricks that can be used are:

Math number tricks – numbers are used in daily life. Some of the most common tricks are where you ask the child to multiply the first number of their age by 5 and add 3. After this, tell them to double the answer and finally let them add the second number of their age to the total and subtract 6. This gives the age of the person. One can also use the magic number trick where you write a 3-digit number. Get another person to write down 2 or more digits and add them up. Before you do this, write down the solution on a piece of paper and fold it. One gets the answer by taking away 2 from the last digit and placing 2 before the number.

Mental math trick- one can square a two-digit number that ends in 1. This is where you take away one for the number and square the answer that you get. Add this difference to the square two times. Finally add one to the solution. This will give you the square of the number that you were dealing with. E.g. to get square of 61

  • 61-1=60.
  • 60 x 60=3600.
  • 3600+60+60=3720
  • 1+3720 =3721 (square of 61.)

Math card tricks- these are fun tools that are used to demonstrate various math concepts. Children are amazed by the tools as they are amazed by the magic tricks. You can use cards for multiplication where you can pull out any card from a deck. This will help the child memorize their tables faster. Be very careful when performing such tricks to get all the correct answers. While children have fun when the tricks are being performed and thus will try and practice this until they master all the important concepts. They can use this in the classroom to get good grades on the subject. The math tricks for kids are also used to create shortcuts where the kids can come up with solutions to math problems fast.

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