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Mental Math Multiplication

Mental math multiplication is a generally easy and enjoyable task. You need to realize that this does not require you to be a math genius; neither does it require that you memorize the entire multiplication table. In fact, this is the easiest type of mental math, as al that is required is the thought that it is simply playing around with digits. By employing simple math tricks, you will find yourself enjoying and even wanting to engage more in this exercise. This article seeks to dispel the thought that mental math multiplication is a complex activity.

Using simple tricks, you can easily multiply two digits numbers by 11. for instance if you are seeking the product of 36 and 11, the simplest way through which you can achieve the mental math multiplication result is by first multiplying 36 by 10. Thereafter, add 36 to the answer. If that proves a little difficult to you, you need not panic as you can alternatively apply this other trick for any other two digits number. Start by first writing the first digit, then the addition of the first and second digit then the third one. Are you confused? Sample this.

36×11 =? 3(3+6)6 = 396

Do you see how simple mental math multiplication is? Well, you are probably wondering what happens should the sum of the first two digits add up to a number that is bigger than 9. this is in fact the simplest multiplication calculation you can ever engage in, since all you need to do is simply add 1 to the first number, then follow it up with the last digit of the addition of the two numbers before finally adding the second number. It sounds confusing theoretically but this is how it looks like.

87×11=? 8(8+7) =957

see how simple it appears?

Another of the extremely simple mental math multiplication tricks involves solving the square of any two digits ending with 5. You would not believe it but it is easy. For instance if you are to find the square of 25, just take the first digit and multiply it with the next higher number that is 3. Add the product to 25. This in essence means

25×25=? (2×3)25= 625

The same case also applies to a number such as 75. If you have followed keenly, you must have realized that these are cheap tricks. You find out that they are simplifying what would have been an otherwise difficult situation.

Those are some of the simple tricks applied in mental math multiplication, in a multitude of others.

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