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Math Tricks For Students

Maths tricks are supposed to help solve math problems without the use of a calculator. Students can use many maths tricks. We look at some few examples of different maths tricks.The most common one that students should know is that any number whose digits when added give a number that is divisible by three, should be divisible by three.

The second one is how to multiply two digit numbers by 11. This is so simple. Just take any number lets take an example 20, separate the two digits 2-0 and then add both digits together2+0. With the space between the two separated numbers add the total addition of both numbers220 and you have your answer.

A third example of a maths trick for students is when squaring any number ending in 5, they should multiply the tens digit with the next whole number and then add 25. Let us take the number 25, multiply 2 by the next whole number, which is 3. You get 6. Then add 25 to get 625, which is the correct answer.

A fourth maths trick for students is when multiplying two numbers whose difference is two. The trick is to square the number that is between the two and then subtract 1. Let us take an example of 8 by 10. The number between them is 9. Square it to get 81, subtract 1 to get 80.A fifth trick is when doing multiplication of decimals; students can make the sums easy by first ignoring the decimals and then adding them later. An example; 3.6 multiplied by 4. Take 36 by 4 which is equals to 144. Insert the decimal again one spot from the right to get 14.4.

Students should also learn how to calculate numbers, which are between 11 and 19 quickly. Here is a trick of how to do this. Take an example of 11 multiply it by 12. Take the larger number of the two, which is 12 and add 1 from 11, to get 13. Add a zero behind it to get 130. Then multiply 1 by 2 and add to 130 to get 132, which is the correct answer.

The last one we are going to look at is the simplest of the all. When multiplying or dividing numbers that end with zero(s), always drop the zeros and after doing the multiplication or the division add them back. For example, 20 multiplied by 4,000. drop the zeros and multiply 2 by 4 to get 8. Then add the zeros back to get 80000.

All these maths tricks for students should be regularly practiced so that the students can be able to do them quickly off head without the use of a computer. They can come in very handy especially during maths contest.

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