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Benefits of Mental Maths

It’s true that most people don’t like maths. This is because sometimes it requires a lot of thinking. You have to work up your head a little than you would on other problems. Some math problems can be very frustrating if you do not know how to go about them. The funny thing is that we use mental maths like everyday when carrying out our daily activities. When we go to the market or the store, when we are paying for taxis and we require some change, when we are walking we calculate the amount of time we take over a certain distance and so on.

Math is a good way of exercising your mind. It also improves the level of your concentration because you cannot solve a math problem in your mind if you keep diverting attention. Mental maths is also good for young children. If you make your child get used to doing them, it is likely that he will not have math difficulties in school or elsewhere. It will improve his problem solving capabilities and create a positive attitude towards maths, as many children grow up disliking it.

Mental health also can also help you in school practical mathematics. This is especially good with children. If the child is able to work out math problems, he may be interested in taking further his knowledge in maths at a higher level, like in college. He can do analytical chemistry or engineering. He may further take a career that involves maths. Some of the careers he might take up include medicine and technology.

Mental maths also enables you to be able to operate most technical things in life. The use of the computer is now very widespread and at least every office now uses it. Computers simplify our work at a large extent and they are faster than using manual methods. Data processing and communication will require that you can perform simple mental maths in administering what you want the application to do for you.

Mental maths also increases your reasoning. You will be able to connect events. For example if you want to book a flight to a certain destination. The air fare is quite low but the accommodation is costly in the country. Then there is another option of traveling with a more costly ticket to a different destination where accommodation is extremely cheap. Simple mental maths will enable you to think outside the box. It affects most of your decisions in life.

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