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Importance of Mental Maths

Imagine handling arithmetic calculations without the use of a calculator or a computer. You will have to struggle, biting your nails and scratching your head for mathematical formulas to solve the puzzle. However, it is important for school going children and all other people to engage in this practice for their own good. There are several reasons that make mental maths important to you and your child.

Mental maths is important because it is an excellent way to stimulate your mind by helping you get better with number sense. This helps you become familiar with how numbers interact and keep you alert always.

The society contributes greatly to the importance of this subject. One does not want to look uneducated in the society and the only way to proof this is by being able to calculate simple mathematical problems with ease. You have to add and subtract without the use of a calculator to show that you are intelligent.

Mental maths also helps you to be faster in your work. You do not need a calculator to determine the sum of two simple numbers. If you compare the time used by a calculator to add or subtract these simple numbers to mental calculation, you will realize that you take a shorter time  than the calculator. It is therefore advised that a calculator should only be used in performing compliment maths like getting the cosine of a number.

Mental work is also important in business. You do not need to carry along a calculator every time you are going to buy something. You can be able to determine if the shopkeeper purposely gave you less change by applying the ability of mental work unlike computing equipment and that will require you go back home and make the calculation.

Mental maths is also necessary in estimation. In the modern world of calculators and computers, mental estimation skills are important. It is helpful mostly in cash registers where the cashier might enter the wrong numbers or put a decimal point at a wrong place, and accepting the receipt or cash blindly will really cost you, here mental work will help you correct the error for the sake of your money.

It is worth noting that almost all calculations use the same skills as mental maths thus, it is important to build number sense in our daily lives to run our daily errands efficiently.

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